Mindful Justice Conference

Creating a Criminal Justice System Grounded in Mindfulness, Compassion and Human Dignity 

A Conference co-sponsored by the Fetzer Institute, The Center for the Study of Law and Society at UC Berkeley, and the Prison Mindfulness Institute.
September 17-20, 2015
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Mindful Justice Initiative Sept. 2016 Report
Read our latest update and progress report on the Mindful Justice Initiative. 
MJI report Sept 2016


Conference Working Papers


Mindfulness Training in the Santa Clara County Justice System
By Robin Fisher and Dan Carlin
Documents a series of three mindfulness workshops offered to judges, prosecutors and public defenders in Santa Clara County, California in summer 2015.
Problem Solving Courts and Mindfulness
By Emmaline Campbell
This paper examines drug and mental health courts: their background, benefits, weaknesses and compatibility with mindfulness practices and principles.
Observations from Essential Mindfulness for Lawyers® Trainings
Trainings For District Attorneys and Public Defenders
By Judi Cohen
Contains observations from three Essential Mindfulness for Lawyers® trainings Warrior One LLC delivered to the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office, fall 2014 and spring 2015, and currently being delivered to the Law Office of the Public Defender for the State of New Mexico. Discusses training formats, content, attendance, assessments and author’s thoughts and observations about the effectiveness of the trainings and the future of mindfulness in the U.S. criminal justice system.

Juvenile & Adult Corrections

The Prison Meditation Movement & The Current State of Mindfulness-Based Programming for Prisoners
By Fleet Maull
Summary report on mindfulness prison programs including history; current developments and trends; theory and applications; supporting research; exemplary training programs; institutional support and buy-in; scaling up strategies; and, funding models.
Mindfulness-Based Programs for Adolescents
By Leslie Booker
Examines the range of programs currently offered to young people, and the special considerations involved in teaching mindfulness to at-risk youth and adolescents in the criminal justice system. Documents experiences teaching at Riker’s Island and other facilities.

Police & First Reponders

Mindfulness: The Foundation of 21st Century Police Reform
By Richard Goerling
Documents the creation of the first multi-week mindfulness-based training program for police officers, its impact on officers in the Hillsboro, Oregon police department, and future prospects for mindfulness in policing.
Report on a Five-Day Mindfulness Symposium in Louisville Kentucky
By Fleet Maull and Mark Allen
Report on a Half-Day Mindful Leadership Training for Thirty Louisville, Kentucky City Leaders including the Mayor, the Director of Corrections, and the Chief of Police and a Two Day Mindfulness-Based Wellness and Resiliency Training for Sixty Corrections, Law Enforcement and Emergency Medical Services Staff. The results of the Post-Workshop Questionnaire for the two-day event for corrections officers are included.

Communities & Law Enforcement

Mindful Community Engagement: A Case Study of a Mindfulness, Race and Law Enforcement Collaboration in an Urban Community
By Rhonda Magee
This paper describes two mindfulness-based Workshops involving members of the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office; the University of San Francisco School of Law; and interested members of the broader San Francisco community addressing concerns of racism in policing and prosecution.

Community Corrections & Re-Entry

Mindfulness Training for Community Corrections Staff & Probation & Parole Officers
By Brad Bogue & Fleet Maull
Examines the value of mindfulness training for community corrections professionals, and documents a workshop offered to a group of community corrections staff in Adams County, Colorado in July 2015.

Conference Videos

Leslie Booker (Lineage Project) and Fariborz Pakseresht (Oregon Youth Authority) on programming for court-involved youth

Richard Goerling (Police Lieutenant, Hillsboro, Oregon) on Mindfulness Based Resiliency Training for Police

Ron Greenberg (Retired Alameda County Judge) on mindfulness training for judges

Ron Tyler (Stanford Law Professor, Former Federal Public Defender) on Mindfulness training for prosecutors and public defenders


Sujatha Baliga (Impact Justice) on Mindfulness and Restorative Justice


Fleet Maull (Prison Mindfulness Institute) on Mindfulness in Prisons