Joel Villaseca

Jacques Verduin

Executive Director of Insight Out. Pioneer of the mindfulness-based Guiding Rage Into Power (GRIP) program, first offered at San Quentin State Prison and now expanding to other facilities in California and internationally.

Ron Tyler

Clinical Professor of Law and Director of the Criminal Defense Clinic, Stanford Law School. Tyler is a former federal public defender and integrates mindfulness training into his law school clinic. He has worked closely with Charlie Halpern and Ron Greenberg in piloting mindfulness workshops for attorneys and judges in Northern California.

Jared Seide

Director, Center for Council. Center for Council has expanded its Council-based programming to 14 prisons and 26 social justice orgs in California, is piloting a community-reconciliation program in LA Youth Court and is collaborating with Center for Mindfulness in Corrections on a wellness/resiliency skills program for correctional officers.

Fariborz Pakseresht

Director, Oregon Youth Authority. OYA operates 10 youth correctional facilities across the state charged with protecting the public by reducing crime, holding youth offenders accountable, and providing opportunities for reformation in safe environments.

Robin Fisher

Robin Fisher is a former corporate attorney who participated in the three Santa Clara County mindfulness workshops, and has been involved in the mindfulness in law movement since 2012.

Jeni Lyon

Filmmaker and restorative justice activist. Jeni’s interest in criminal justice reform arose from her personal experience of miscarried justice and as a surviving victim of family violence. Jeni has served as a citizen lobbyist and volunteered for numerous organizations including Insight-Out, and the Texas Inmates Families Association.  She is currently working on a feature documentary called Restoring Justice.

Beverly Kingston

Executive Director, Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence at University of Colorado, Boulder. Kingston is a leading writer on issues of violence prevention and community rehabilitation.

Chris Innes

Former Chief of Research and Information Services – National Institute of Corrections (Washington DC), and author of Healing Corrections: The Future of Imprisonment.

Ron Greenberg

Judge, California Superior Court (Ret.). Introduced the use of drug courts in Alameda County, and successfully integrated meditation practice into his court room. Greenberg is currently a mediator and teaches mindfulness workshops for judges throughout North America.